Cookie Policy

1 - This Cookie Policy is prepared by Geex (Brand) and is applicable and enforcable for all persons (User) who use the website with the domain name https://www.geexlight.com/ (Website).

2 - This Cookie Policy has been prepared by the Brand in order to provide detailed information regarding the scope and purposes of the use of cookies on the Website by considering importance of the privacy and protection of personal data of the User.

3 - Cookies are small identification and data storage files that are sent to your electronic devices when you access an online service through your browser and remember that your device has accessed the website or application. Cookies can send these files back to the source website or another website that recognizes cookies. In these files, information regarding your Web Site tour is stored in order to enable you to benefit from some of the basic features of the Web Site, to remember your data when you use the Web Site again, and to use the Web Site more effectively and easily.

4 - The main purposes of using cookies on our website; is to provide you with a user-friendly experience, and to change it in line with the Brand's services.

5 - There are different types of cookies depending on the purpose of use and the duration of use. The cookies in the table in Annex-1 below are placed on the Website. In the event of collaboration with third persons (such as Facebook and Google), personal data may be processed by third persons through cookies in line with the purposes of using cookies. However, the Brand does not carry out any personal data processing activities, including the preservation of personal data, regarding the User visiting the website.

6 - The Brand may update, modify or repeal the terms of this Cookie Policy at any time. Any updated, amended or repealed provision shall apply to the User at the date of publication. User’s continuation of use of the Website shall constitute their consent to the changes.

tr1.td1tr1.td2Purpose of the Use of Cookie
_gidGoogleThese cookies collect information about how visitors use a website, for example which pages visitors go to most and whether they receive error messages from web pages. These cookies do not collect information that define the visitor. All information these cookies collect are anonymous. They are only used to improve the working of a website.
_gaGoogleGoogle Analytics is a free analytics tool of Google that helps the owners of the website to understand what visitors do on their websites and applications.
_gatGoogleGoogle – This cookie name has been associated with Google Universal Analytics that limits collection of data on high traffic sites according to documents used to lower demand rate.
_tokenGeex LightWebsite performance control (User session info)
_consentGeex LightWebsite performance control (User session info)